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Vietnam Travel – Da Nang December 18, 2008

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vietnam-travel-danang-imgMountain tourist resort Ba Na
Da Nang city is in the country, the northern border province of Thua Thien – Hue, the western and southern borders Quang Nam province, east borders the East Sea.

Topography of Da Nang city is quite diverse: the northern Hai Van pass is majestic, mountainous Hoa Vang district (the northwest of the province) Mountain with 1.708m Mang, Ba Na mountain 1.487m. The east is the Son Tra peninsula wild and a series of beautiful sea beach spread from Son Tra peninsula to the Non Nuoc beach. The southern mountain Ngu Hanh Son. Offshore islands have populations of Hoang Sa with large fishing.

Located in a tropical climate, in 2 divided seasons, the rainy season and dry season. The average temperature year from 28 º C-29 º C, storms usually flows directly into the city May 9, 10 annually. Visit Da Nang city should be included in your Vietnam Travel trip.

Potential economic development and tourism
Ngu Hanh Son
Da Nang city was founded in 1888, from the old days was an important port of Viet Nam, this is an economic center, the largest city in central Vietnam. Da Nang is not only sticking close to Quang Nam but also with both the Central and Tay Nguyen, south Laos, northeast Cambodia.

Da Nang port area with Da Nang seaport Tien Sa (deep port) and 9 wharves along the Han River, have international airport, Da Nang, systematic contact information model. Da Nang is also the place where convergence of big enterprises of the textile industry, producing consumer goods, industrial processing, industrial mechanics, industrial production and construction materials

To the Da Nang area, visitors will have the opportunity to visit other attractions such as the famous Ba Na Mountain, Ngu Hanh Son, Hai Van pass, Son Tra peninsula … and can enjoy swimming in the Letter of beautiful beaches, white sand smooth prolonged dozens ki meter plot. Potential tourist area of Da Nang that great. Viet Vision Travel provides wide range of Vietnam Travel Deals for your trips.

Tourists come trishaw in Da Nang
Da Nang City is located on the axis road, railway, waterway and road aviation of the country and the region. Da Nang is located on the railway and North-South national highway 1A, the Ha Noi 763km. From Da Nang, there are flights to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Buon Ma Thuot, Pleiku. There are 5 international flights directly to Da Nang has been open from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Siem Riep, Taipei and Singapore with 5 airlines: Vietnam Airlines, PB Air, Siem Riep Air way, Far Transportasion and Sil Airway.


Da Nang witnessing new investment wave in trade-office complexes December 18, 2008

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vietnam-travel-danang-img03Investors have registered some 20 investment projects in trade-hotel-office complexes in the central city of Da Nang which have the investment capital of several billion dollars in total.

No more room in ‘golden land area’

Ho Quang Dung, General Director of Indochina Riverside Towers, said that his company would officially put Indochina Riverside Towers, a trade-office-apartment complex, into operation in March 2008. This is one of the first and biggest complexes in Da Nang, capitalized at nearly $30mil. The project has ignited the tendency of building complexes in the city.

Located on the Han riverside, the complex consists of the twin towers, which will be function as the shopping centre, provide 95 high-grade apartments and 8,500 sq m of offices for leasing. To date, nearly 100% of the apartments, offices and shopping areas at the complex have been occupied.

Vinh Trung Plaza is not located on the Han riverside like Indochina Riverside Towers, but it is situated on the most crowded area in the centre of the city. Thanks to its favorable position, Vinh Trung Plaza is the ideal place for developing trade and hotel services, and leasing offices.

Nguyen Thi Chi, General Director of Duc Manh Investment Joint Stock Company, which has injected $50mil in the project, said that the investor has met a lot of clients who want to lease apartments and offices. French retailer Big C has decided to lease four stories of the building, and Big C’s supermarket was opened at the end of 2007.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Electricity Construction Joint Stock Corporation (VNECO) is planning to put Green Plaza, the complex of hotel and offices for leasing on Bach Dang Road in March 2008.

A lot of big projects are under construction in Da Nang City. These include the complex of three 38-storey towers Golden Square ($62.5mil) invested by Dong A Real Estate Company; Foodinco Plaza (VND600bil) invested by Foodinco. Especially, Da nang will have a complex of five star hotels, offices for leasing and trade centres, called Viendong Meridian Towers. This will be a very big project, consisting of two 48-storey buildings at 84 Hung Vuong Road. Vien Dong Land, the investor of the project, plans to inject $180mil in the towers, the construction of which is planned to kick off in the second quarter of 2008 and will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2010.

To date, all the golden land areas in the centre of Da Nang City have been fully occupied. The new buildings, which will arise in five or ten years, will create a new face to the city, more modern and more beautiful.

Eyeing coastal areas

Late investors, who cannot get the golden land plots in the centre of the city, are now eyeing the land plots on the tourism routes along the coast. Son Tra – Dien Ngoc area is now considered the golden strip of land, which a lot of investors have been eyeing to build international-standard complexes of resorts and apartments. The total registered investment capital of the projects has reached nearly $1bil.

Furama resort Da Nang, which has been very successful in Vietnam, is planning to expand the resort by 28 ha with the ambitious plan to build hotels, luxury apartments and shopping centres right on beaches.

Near the expanded Furama resort will be the $25mil complex of resorts and luxury apartments Olalani, invested by My Phat Company, which is nearly complete; and $100mil Raffles resorts and apartments, invested by Vegas Hotel & Villas. Especially, there will be the $50mil international-standard entertainment complex Silver Shores Hoang Dat, which comprises a 600-room five star hotel, international convention centre, and 50-villa area.

Most recently, the Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology, a well-known brand name in technology development, has also announced the investment deal with $1bil on a technological urban area at Hoa Hai ward in Ngu Hanh Son district in Da Nang City.

Besides, the golden strip of land along the coast has also been drawing the special attention from many other investors, like VinaCapital or Indochina Capital. Most investors plan to develop complexes of trade, offices and apartments in order to take full advantage of the areas.

Da Nang City’s authorities have been encouraging investors to the city, hoping that the investment boom will help create a lot of modern complexes that will make the city more dynamic in the future.

Landslides at Ngu Hanh Son December 18, 2008

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vietnam-travel-danang-img02Unaccountable landslides have been happening on Moc Son Mountain, often called Cockscomb Mountain, the only mountain in the 5-mountain Ngu Hanh Son area which hasn’t seen any tourism activities. Tourists can only contemplate Moc Son, which stands up straight against the sky, from places on the other 4 mountains. Moc Son used to be the victim of illegal rock exploitation which served the needs of the Non Nuoc sculpture and fine arts village in the 1980-1990 period. Rock exploitation activities are now rarely seen here, though in 2003, a resident from Hoa Hai Ward, Da Nang City, was charged with rock exploitation and sentenced to prison. However, there are signs of recent landslides happening on the eastern and southern sides of Moc Son Mountain which can be seen clearly from the Son Tra-Dien Ngoc coastal road. Rocks of several m3 are scattered on the sides and at the foot of the mountain. The presence of macadam and powdered rock at the sites of landslides would seem to indicate that these landslides weren’t natural ones. Asked whether there was any factor that could have caused them, Vice Chairman of the Hoa Hai Ward People’s Committee Huynh Phuoc Thach said, “There is absolutely no rock exploitation around Ngu Hanh Son.” Mr. Thach said that the rocks scattered on Moc Son had been caused by natural landslides. It is strange, however, that these so-called “natural landslides” have only happened in uninhabited areas of the mountain. Hundreds of households are living at the foot of Moc Son Mountain, which has almost no slope. On the western side, people conveniently build their houses against cliffs. If landslides continue to occur, they would indeed be disastrous for these residents. In March 2007, the Da Nang City People’s Committee issued new detailed construction regulations for residential zones in the Ngu Hanh Son area. Yet, construction activities are still being carried out in a haphazard manner. Ngu Hanh Son, one of the few attractive tourism destinations around Da Nang City, now has to deal with landslides in addition to alarming environmental pollution. Responsible authorities in Da Nang, however, haven’t taken any resolute actions to handle these problems.

Visit Da Nang for a wonderful tour! December 18, 2008

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vietnam-travel-danang-img01Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam, after Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi, and it is the largest in the Central region. It has an area of 1,300 square kilometers and a population of 1 million. The city’s Hoang Sa district is an archipelago consisting of 18 islands.

Da Nang’s cultural history dates back only 300 years; It was settled by Vietnamese long after the North. Highlights for visitors include the Museum of Cham Sculpture and the ancient pagodas of Hai Chau Pho Da Long Tho.

Da Nang is on the end of an East-West Economic Corridor which stretches over Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Therefore, it is easy to organize international tours to the city.

Da Nang International Airport is located in the center of the city. It is Viet Nam’s third largest international airport and a gateway to the Central region. The airport has domestic flights to Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and Quy Nhon, as well as international flights to Bangkok and Singapore.

If you travel by sea, you can arrive at the port of Tien Sa. If you drive or take a bus, you can take National Highway 1 or National Highway 14B.

When the Hai Van tunnel opened in 2005, it reduced the distance between Da Nang and Hue by 20km. This saved 30 to 60 minutes compared to travel over the old Hai Van Pass route.

What can be seen in Da Nang?

Marble Mountain is a cluster of marble and limestone hills. In Vietnamese it is called Ngu Hành Son, literally “five-element mountains”. It is located in Ngu Hanh Son District, south of Da Nang. The five ‘mountains’ are named after the five traditional elements of universe: metal (Kim Son), water (Thuy Son), wood (Moc Son), fire (Hoa Son), and earth (Tho Son).

All of these mountains have cave entrances and numerous tunnels. It is possible to climb to the summit of one of the peaks. Several Buddhist sanctuaries can also be found, making it a tourist attraction.

Champa Museum

The Champa museum founded in 1915 is located near the intersection of Tran Phu Street and Le Dinh Duong Street and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum introduces the history of the Champa people. Inside is a veritable treasure trove with more than 500 Champa objects.

These objects show an advanced culture and civilization, including statues of the gods of Siva, Lasmi and Skanda. In the solemn and quiet atmosphere inside the museum, one can not only enjoy the cultural masterpieces of the ancient Champa people, but also listen to a guided tour of their legends, histories and beliefs.

One can then make educated guesses as to their aspirations for the future. To help one get into the spirit of things, visitors can also watch Champa dance performed by expert dancers from the Museum Hall.

Da Nang Cathedral

Known to locals as Con Ga church because of the weathercock on top of the steeple, Da Nang Cathedral was built for French and other Catholic residents in 1923. It is on Tran Phu Street. Other places to visit are Caodai Temple, Phap Lam Pagoda, Pho Da pagoda, and Ba Na hill station.

You can enjoy Da Nang beautiful beaches including My Khe beach, Thanh Binh Beach, Nam Beach, and China Beach.

Da Nang is creating a shopping street between the Hung Vuong-Phan Chau Trinh and Hung Vuong-Pham Ngu Lao intersections in the hope of luring more tourists to the coastal city’s downtown.